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Java wrapper for the Fortran L-BFGS-B algorithm

I have moved the source of my L-BFGS-B wrapper library from my university page to a more convenient hosting place: https://github.com/mkobos/lbfgsb_wrapper . The wrapper is a Java library proxy for the L-BFGS-B quasi-Newton optimization library. The original implementation is written … Continue reading

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Java PCA transformation library

I wrote a Java library implementing Principal Component Analysis data transformation. About two years ago I needed such an algorithm implemented in Java and I was not able to find one, hence this library. The library along with a more … Continue reading

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Comparison of application of Rcpp and rJava in R

Introduction I implemented a simple algorithm that computes distances between all pairs of given set of n-dimensional points. The algorithm is implemented in C++ and Java. To communicate with C++ code, I use R’s Rcpp package. To communicate with Java, … Continue reading

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